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TerraFirma Aligns Itself with BBB Values

by BBB Staff | Oct 19, 2018 12:21:02 PM

When Ryan Beckley bought his first home in Oregon, he discovered it had a foundation problem. The damage meant he could afford the home, but he still needed to make it livable. He ended up doing the work himself. While researching, he discovered there was a much-needed market for a company who focused on foundation issues. That led him to start TerraFirma. The company was launched in 2005 and has been accredited with Better Business Bureau since 2006.

“The fact that we’ve been a member of the Better Business Bureau – basically from the beginning – I think sets us apart from some of the other businesses that maybe haven’t been around as long and don’t quite have as good a reputation,” Beckley said.

TerraFirma employs more than a hundred workers and offers foundation, basement, and crawl space services for residential and commercial properties.

Corinne Bouchard, Recruiting Manager, says the company works with integrity in every job they do.

“We always try to do the best we can with being communicative and being responsive with our employees and that translates to what we do with our customers too,” she said. “The investment people make with TerraFirma is incredibly expensive both emotionally and financially, and we take that very seriously.”

That’s why the company looks to hire employees who have an empathetic mindset.

Todd Hansen, Sales Manager, echoed that sentiment by how they align their values with BBB.

“We are really trying to redefine our industry,” Hansen said. “(By) doing the things we can do right: showing up on time, meeting the customer with a proposal that’s the exact price... honoring that, offering a guarantee or warranty that’s not even found in the industry.”

It’s those promises that Hansen says truly sets TerraFirma apart from their competitors. Beckley tells BBB that the core principle that grows the business is the value they offer to their customers.

“Our entire company culture is about doing what is right,” he said. “We go above and beyond.”

Beckley admits that they can make mistakes, but rather than point fingers, he has adopted the mindset of embracing and owning the mistakes.

“Our customers who could understandably be upset if a mistake was made on a project, the response and the reaction that we get when we stand up like we said we were going to do and come in and fix the problem, we follow through on it … it’s been amazing,” Beckley said. "We’ve had so many people who thought they were going to have be upset with us ended up being our biggest flag-waving supporters."

To learn more about the company, visit www.goterrafirma.com

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