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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mover

by Keylen Villagrana | Mar 25, 2021 12:26:32 PM

Better Business Bureau serving Great West + Pacific launched a comprehensive report focused on the moving industry. Most people hire a mover only a few times during their lives, so inexperience is not uncommon. Anyone who’s made a move recently can likely confirm that finding the right company is filled with plenty of unknowns.

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There are many variables to consider. Factors to think about include whether your move is interstate vs. intrastate, the distance between your current home and the new property, the quantity of items you’re moving (weight vs. volume), and any required pickup/delivery times.

Unfortunately, there are several red flags to spot, too. The moving industry has a history of dishonest practices. It’s important to know which companies to avoid. For example, some movers “bait” consumers with low estimates and surprise them with hefty fees later on a.k.a “rogue operators.”

We’ve identified common issues that arise during the moving process and provided some suggested questions to ask along the way. How the business responds should help you determine if their moving services are the right fit for you.


Are the employees trained on how to carry and move heavy objects?

How does the company keep track of your belongings?

Will the company arrive on time in case you have a very strict pickup/delivery window?

Are they licensed?


Will the company come to your house to provide an accurate estimate?

How accurate is your initial estimate? Is it detailed and clear? Are all potential fees disclosed in writing?

If it’s an out-of-state move, will they charge you for storage fees?

How much is the deposit fee and is it refundable?


Is the broker licensed with the U.S. Department of Transportation?

Do they check the household goods licensing and verify the insurance of the driver they are hiring? 

Will they allow you to vet the company they are hiring on your behalf?

Are they accurately estimating the weight and amount of your belongings?

Customer Service:

Who is the company’s lead contact in case any issues arise during the move?

How accommodating and professional will the movers be while loading and unloading?

Delivery Issues:

For out-of-state moves, is there a window of time you should expect your belongings to be delivered? What happens if it’s delivered past that window?

Will the company keep you informed every step of the way and quickly communicate any setbacks?

Repair Issues:

Is the company insured in case they lose your belongings or damage is incurred?

What information do you need to collect or provide if you need to file a claim?

How will they assess the value?

Did you recently hire a moving company? We want to hear about your experience!


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