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Vallivue Victory

by Rebecca Barr | Feb 12, 2019 8:31:24 AM

Wednesdays are for wrestling. I’m not talking WWE, I’m
talking about Vallivue High School’s wrestling match in Caldwell, Idaho. I was
recently invited to come out to watch the Falcons take on the Nampa Bulldogs
for “Senior Night”.

I loaded up the BBB car with special swag and was on my way.
I pulled up, wandered around the campus, through the cafeteria and into the
gymnasium, where the action was taking place. Some of the wrestlers from the
competing team, were practicing on the mat. The scorekeepers and announcers
were seated along a table, front and center. Parents and families were climbing
the stands to fill in the bleachers.

I was eager and pumped to meet the Vallivue Falcons. But you
don’t get to meet the team without first meeting the head coach. Coach Will
Herrera introduced himself with a smile and thanked me for being there before
asking if I wanted to go say hi to the boys. We walked into the warm, musky
practice room and Coach Herrera asked the team to take a knee. They promptly
did so.

“This is Rebecca from the BBB,” he explained. The team
simultaneously let out a “Hi Rebecca!” Coach Chad Payne was also there, he’s
not only a coach for the team but Better Business Bureau’s IT Consultant as
well. Chad and I explained that BBB was here to cheer them on with new swag. We
geared them up with BBB-branded sweat towels and water bottles to keep them
going for that night’s dual match.

The guys were excited and appreciative of their new merch,
with each one thanking us as they walked to the gym to prepare for their match.
Coach Herrera thanked me again for stopping by and said it meant a lot. After a
few more high fives, the match was about to begin.

It started off slow with the Falcons losing the first two
matches. But they turned around, winning eight matches in a row. In the end, it
was a 9-3 Vallivue victory.

Coach Payne said “I honestly think that knowing that other
people support them besides the coaches and their parents really pumped them up.”

It was the perfect ending. It feels good to work for an
organization like Better Business Bureau that wants to support community involvement
and local high school students. 

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