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Warming Hearts in the Treasure Valley

by Rebecca Barr | Dec 13, 2019 10:47:53 AM

Dan and Candy started Greens Heating and Air nearly 30 years
ago. They didn’t have a lot, “enough to pay the bills” explains co-owner Candy
Casper. But they built the business on the philosophy of being a good neighbor
and helping when you can.

This motto has trickled down to how they train their
technicians, to always go above and beyond when it comes to their customers. This
means doing the little things that create a big impact. And because their team
is often equipped with ladders, it’s not rare for one of their guys to offer to
change a light bulb or even dust a high plant shelf. “It’s something just a
little extra. We help people when we can,” said Candy.

Now with almost three decades under their belt, they’ve seen
their fair share of customers who have fallen on hard times, financial
struggles, left without heat or air conditioning when they needed it the most.
Greens Heating and Air wishes they could help everyone, even if that means
giving them extra time to pay. “We try to be generous when we can,” explains
Casper. “It’s not anything special, it’s just trying to do the right thing.”

But this year, Greens Heating and Air decided to do
something big by donating a new furnace to a local family in need. In fact,
they decided to go even bigger, donating two furnaces to two local families.
“As we’ve grown and gotten bigger, we thought this would be a good thing to do
this year,” says Casper.

Nominations were held in November with a public call for
submissions. The team at Greens called each family that was nominated to learn
more about their situation. In the end, two winners were selected based on who
was most deserving and their dire circumstances.

The Bull radio station officially announced the winners
on-air on Monday, December 9th. Greens Heating and Air plans to
install the furnaces Friday, December 13th. Photos will go up on
their Facebook page.

The winners include a woman who has her own history of
giving back and helping others; but this time she was the one needing help with
a new furnace to replace her 20-year-old broken one. She was saving up but due
to the cost of a new furnace, she would be saving until summer. The second
family selected was a single mom who was at risk of going without heat all

These gas furnaces retail for $3,500-4,000 each. Which can
be quite the burden if that’s the price you must pay for heat this winter. Mike
Casper, General Manager at Greens Heating and Air, said they’re hoping to
provide relief to these local families so they can enjoy a warm home. “It’s
gives them less to worry about so they can focus on getting back on track.”

And what about those who were nominated but didn’t get
selected? In true Greens fashion, the team will be reaching out to see if they
can help in other ways like repairs on an existing unit.

While this was the first year of Green’s furnace giveaway,
it won’t be their last as they’re already planning on doing it again next year.

Greens Heating and Air is located in Nampa and serves the
Treasure Valley. They are a BBB Accredited Business since 2003.

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