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How to File a Complaint With BBB

So, you’ve had a bad experience with a business. You might be frustrated, sad, angry, or even ready to declare “Pistols at dawn!” But then you realize there’s probably a better way forward (one that doesn’t involve a 19th century duel):

BBB's Naughty List is Here: Takeaways for Consumers and Businesses

BBB has officially released its 2021 Naughty List for the holiday shopping season. Take a look at what consumers are reporting and action steps you can take.

The Ultimate Guide to Returning a Gift

Here’s how to prepare and what to expect when returning an online purchase.

Don't Let a Social Media Ad Ever Mislead You Again

Social media ads can be misleading or send you to unfamiliar websites. BBB outlines tactics to shop safely online while you're scrolling your newsfeed.

5 Rewards You’ll Gain by Shopping Small Business this Holiday Season

Small businesses rely on local communities and they deliver valuable benefits in return. Here are some ways you stand to gain by shopping locally.

Don’t Let Shortages Spoil Your Holiday Shopping

Better Business Bureau provides holiday shopping tips for consumers amidst supply chain shortages. Shop early and shop local.

Tips for Booking a Short-Term Vacation Rental

Whether it’s a last-minute getaway or a trip planned well in advance, we recommends the following tips for booking short-term vacation rentals.

Traveling During the Delta Variant? 7 Tips to Help You Stay on Track.

The delta variant has negatively impacted travel plans for 1 in 4 Americans. Each state will set its own guidelines, mask mandates, and restrictions.

There’s a Rental Car Shortage. What Consumers are Experiencing and Tips for Renting.

The travel industry is rapidly bouncing back post-pandemic and there is a high demand for a limited supply of rental cars. Here's what you need to know.

BBB Moving Industry Report

BBB completed a moving industry analysis during the first quarter of 2021 to raise awareness of common issues consumers have encountered using a mover.

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