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Wise Giving

Tax Deductions, Tax Credits and Charitable Contributions

By now, let’s hope you’ve finished your holiday shopping and are focused on wrapping presents and spending time with family and friends. If not, shipping deadlines are fast approaching. Ease your shipping stress by finishing out your shopping list by supporting small businesses.

How to Give Back on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is meant to inspire people to do good. No donation, donor, or act of generosity is too small. Here are five simple ways you can give back.

Think twice before you 'Think Pink'

Increased awareness of the disease has helped direct billions of dollars to breast cancer research, decreasing the overall death rates.

A Little Self-Love Goes a Long Way

Let’s talk about a way to show yourself a little love that also helps the community at large: giving back to others.

Season of Giving

Holiday donations make a real impact, so it’s critical donors’ hard-earned dollars go to groups that operate ethically.

Overhauling the Overhead Myth

There’s a damaging belief that the more a charity spends on its programs, the better the organization. This overhead myth places pressure on nonprofits in numerous ways.

Five Ways to Support Businesses and Charities Without Reaching for Your Wallet

Logic tells us the best way to support your favorite small business is to spend money with them. That’s absolutely true. You should shop at the local restaurants, retailers and service providers that you want to see succeed. But if 2020 has limited your financial flexibility, know that there are other ways to support small businesses and local charities that don’t directly impact your budget.

Warming Hearts in the Treasure Valley

Warming Hearts in the Treasure Valley

Giving Wisely This Holiday Season: Here's How

Giving Wisely This Holiday Season: Here's How

Before You Go Pink, Take a Moment to Think!

Before You Go Pink, Take a Moment to Think!