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A Little Self-Love Goes a Long Way

How donating to a charity may boost mental health It’s been a rough year. Given all that’s been thrown at us in the last trip around the sun, chances are your mental health could use a boost.

Season of Giving

Holiday donations make a real impact, so it’s critical donors’ hard-earned dollars go to groups that operate ethically.

Tax Deductions, Tax Credits and Charitable Contributions

In true 2020 fashion, even the Internal Revenue Service is changing things up.

"Double the Impact" Claims Don't Always Add Up

This time of year, charities fortunate enough to secure a matching gift tout that donors can double their impact thanks to a generous third-party. However, it's not always what it seems.

A Year with No Galas

Fall, what does it bring us? The more celebrated gifts include rustic colors, hearty food and pumpkin spice lattes. For the business community, though, this time of year ushers in an important stretch of social opportunities: gala season.

Overhauling the Overhead Myth

There’s a damaging belief that the more a charity spends on its programs, the better the organization. This overhead myth places pressure on nonprofits in numerous ways.

Five Ways to Support Businesses and Charities Without Reaching for Your Wallet

Logic tells us the best way to support your favorite small business is to spend money with them. That’s absolutely true. You should shop at the local restaurants, retailers and service providers that you want to see succeed. But if 2020 has limited your financial flexibility, know that there are other ways to support small businesses and local charities that don’t directly impact your budget.

Decluttering and Organizing- A Guide to Used Goods Donations

Decluttering and Organizing- A Guide to Used Goods Donations

Giving Back to Grandparents

Giving Back to Grandparents

Building Trust by Building Community: Belgrade Senior Center

Building Trust by Building Community: Belgrade Senior Center