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Activating Trust for a Community in Need

by BBB Staff BBB Staff | Jan 24, 2022 3:00:00 PM

Our BBB Great West + Pacific region is mighty, serving businesses in Washington, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, Hawaii, Idaho, Alaska, and Central Colorado. 

It’s that last region – Central Colorado – that has been hit particularly hard in the wake of the Marshall Fire, a truly destructive force that’s destroyed over 1,000 residential and commercial structures – most of which were homes. The entire community is doing their best to help all the families navigate these very difficult times, as the after-effects will be felt for years to come. 

This event got us thinking about how we can be of service in times like these, and more specifically, how our presence can be a source of trust for all those offering help or in need of assistance. With these thoughts in mind, we launched an effort to support the Boulder County community: 

A Boulder Way Forward  

We’ve been amazed at how quickly this page has evolved. What started as a rallying cry for help from the community has turned into a living, breathing resource page. There’s a wealth of information available regarding emergency relief, safety advice, community resources, and even a devoted section to some of our Accredited Businesses and Charities who have answered the call: 

BBB Accredited Businesses lending assistance: 

  • GreenPoint Roofing is working with firefighters, first responders, and local restaurants in Boulder County to provide meals to those in need.  
  • Save Home Heat Company is looking to help Boulder County residents experiencing HVAC issues.  
  • Sanctuary Building Services is ready to help home and business owners with the rebuilding process. 

BBB Accredited Charities on the front lines: 

We stand by these organizations as they have been vetted by BBB; if you are giving to other charitable causes, we recommend this resource we created last year: Giving in Times of Disaster. This post includes tips and advice for those interested in donating in circumstances like these. When considering a donation, here’s one important takeaway from the blog post: 

Clarity: What is the organization fundraising for? “To help victims” and other vague responses should not instill confidence. Pay attention to what the charity says they’ll do with the funds received and whether the money will be spent for immediate needs or long-term relief. Appeals should be clear about what relief services the charity will offer and where and whether they’ll be there to respond only to urgent needs or stick around to provide long-term recovery.  

Want to Help? 

This question is how it all started. Whether you’re near or far from the Boulder County community, if you have the means to help, we’d love to hear from you. 

Our mission hinges on trust, accountability, and the very fabric of the places we live: the small businesses, the patrons, the people, the builders, the owners, the supporters. These are the backbone of a community; they’re what connect people, get them working together, meeting together, and sharing a common experience as they move forward in life.  

Trust starts with that age-old phrase “I got your back.” At BBB, we’re taking that to heart. We’ve got your back.  

Learn more about our efforts and get involved here. 

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