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Torch Talk

4 Simple Ways to Step Up Your Business’s Cybersecurity

If you think cybersecurity is someone else’s problem, you’re making a big mistake. Sure, billion-dollar corporations and their very public battles with issues such as ransomware attacks typically garner most of the headlines.

5 Affordable Ways to Invest in your Employees’ Professional Development

Investing in professional development can significantly decrease your turnover rate. That means less money and time spent hiring and training new people.

Mental Health Matters: How to Make Wellness a Key Part of Your Office Culture

More than 40% of adults reported anxiety or depressive disorder symptoms during January 2021 – up 30% from two years ago.

Safety First: Protecting Your Team Promotes Trust and Productivity

This year, 21 companies located in Colorado were named recipients of the 2020 BBB Best in Safety Awards after achieving high standards for safety.

Thinking of Filing in Small Claims Court? Take a Look at these Alternatives First

Small claims court can be an attractive option for business owners but there are other alternatives available, though, and they’re just as effective.

Think twice before you 'Think Pink'

Increased awareness of the disease has helped direct billions of dollars to breast cancer research, decreasing the overall death rates.

BBB Tips for Young Investors Looking into Stock Trading Apps

No matter the platform, buying stocks always carries the potential for both financial gain and loss.

Better Business Bureau Announces Finalists for 2021 Torch Awards

Better Business Bureau Great West + Pacific has officially revealed the 81 finalists nominated for the region’s 2021 Torch Awards for Ethics.

Thinking of HR Outsourcing for your Business? Follow these 4 Steps

HR is often a burden for any small business & keeping up with demands can often feel overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to prioritize HR Outsourcing.

Tips for Booking a Short-Term Vacation Rental

Whether it’s a last-minute getaway or a trip planned well in advance, we recommends the following tips for booking short-term vacation rentals.

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