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Scholarship Rules and Regulations

Essay Rules & Regulations


BBB Business and Consumer Foundation offers the Students of Integrity Scholarships to recognize students who personify and communicate ethics in the real world, as demonstrated through leadership, community service, personal integrity, and academic accomplishments. Scholarships will be awarded to the winning applications submitted by high school juniors and senior students residing in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington or Western Wyoming*.

*Eligible counties in Western Wyoming are Teton and Lincoln.


01/20/21 - Scholarship Opens

04/21/21 - Scholarship EXTENDED Deadline

05/13/21 - UPDATED Recipients Announcement


Before submitting an application, please review the following information below to make sure your application meets the scholarship guidelines.

Scholarship Assignments

Submit a 500-word essay on one of the assigned topics. Discuss viewpoints and give examples where applicable, making sure that the Better Business Bureau brand is represented. The essay should be 500 words or less—typed and double-spaced. Please include your name and high school’s name in the header of every page. All components of the application must be submitted at one time. All essays become property of BBB. No mailed applications will be accepted.

Additional Information

Students are also requested to provide the following:

  • Personal Statement (300 words or less)
    • Brief background about yourself, passions, goals, plans for the future, etc.
  • Activities & Community Service
    • List and explain any awards received related to academic achievement. (300 words or less)
    • Describe at least three school-related extra-curricular activities. (300 words or less)
    • Describe at least one leadership role that you have held. (300 words or less)


Recipients will be announced on May 13, 2021. Names and schools may be released to the public and/or news media for promotional purposes. Non-recipients will be notified via email after the winners have been contacted. 


BBB Foundation’s selection committee and panel of third-party judges will evaluate applications using the following criteria:

  • 25% – Number of votes garnered on the Students of Integrity Scholarship website
  • 25% – Representation of Better Business Bureau brand*
  • 25% – Content, creativity, and memorability
  • 25% – Personal statement, leadership, activities, and community service

*Better Business Bureau Brand Representation
BBB Business & Consumer Foundation is a sister organization to Better Business Bureau, providing tools and resources to enhance the marketplace. For your essay to adequately represent the BBB brand, we encourage you to refer to Torch Talk, our online resource for consumer and business news. It serves as a tool for businesses and consumers to learn more about the latest news and scam alerts, helpful business tips, BBB events and programs, and more. To start your research or to subscribe, visit trust-bbb.org/torchtalk/.


To qualify, students must:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher.
  • Attend a high school in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Western Wyoming. Finalists will be required to produce an official transcript on a 4.0 scale from an academic institution. The letter must be enclosed in a sealed envelope.
  • Have future plans for school. Scholarship must be applied to an institute of higher education, whether university, college, vocational school, etc.


Applications must be submitted online before 11:59 PST on Monday, April 5, 2021. Incomplete online or mailed applications after this date will not be considered.


Please email scholarships@thebbb.org for any additional questions.

About BBB Torch Talk

Torch Talk is an online resource for both consumer and business news. It serves as a tool for businesses and consumers to learn more about the latest news and scam alerts, helpful business tips, BBB events and programs, and more. For more information or to subscribe, visit trust-bbb.org/torchtalk/.