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20 Fall Marketing Ideas to Get More Engagement

by BBB Staff BBB Staff | Oct 16, 2018 10:54:34 AM

Fall is a great time to promote your business and get more engagement. Families are back in town from vacations, kids are going back to school, and everyone is looking forward to starting fresh for the fall season. The following are creative ways to actively engage your customers and attract new business for the fall season.

  1. Hold a canned food drive. Offer a discount to your customers when they bring in canned or non-perishable foods for donation to the local food pantry.
  2. Launch an Instagram photo contest. Encourage your customers to post pictures of themselves engaged in their favorite fall activities with the designated hashtag. Choose a winner and present them with a free gift.
  3. Put your company name on reusable bags. There's no better time to ditch paper and plastic bags and feature your company name on reusable shopping bags. You could even offer customers a discount each time they use the bags.
  4. Take advantage of local blogs. Identify popular blogs in your area that align with your business. Advertise discounts and specials on those blogs to attract customers.
  5. Get involved with the fall festivals in your area. This is a great opportunity to set up a booth or become a sponsor of the event. This will put your business in the spotlight reminding your customers of your products or services and attracting new customers.
  6. Offer a spend now, save later event. Let your customers know if they spend now, you will give them a certain percentage off their purchase after Thanksgiving.
  7. Take advantage of the media. Reach out to local news stations, radio shows and podcasts to present seasonal stories that directly relate to your business.
  8. Give your business a facelift. Reach out to local professionals who offer photography, web design or social media services. You want to present your business in the best light and using professionals for such areas is essential.
  9. Offer expert advice and services. Identify your customers' problem areas, whether it be home organization, hair styling or wardrobe updates. Designate a day to offer the expertise of your staff and outside consultants with free in-store consultations.
  10. Throw a party for your best customers. Invite them to a special event where they can receive complimentary services, which might include manicures, make-up applications and chair massages along with drinks and appetizers.
  11. Pool your resources with other businesses. Customers love special events so you can use this opportunity, along with other local businesses, to have a fall-themed weekend offering food, entertainment and irresistible promotions to attract customers.
  12. Donate to local auctions. Fall is a popular time for fundraising events. Many charities are looking for silent auction items and by donating you will be raising awareness of your business while at the same time benefiting those in need by being a good neighbor.
  13. Host a swap and shop party. Use social media or email to invite your customers to bring a gently used item for a swap and shop party. Any unclaimed items can then be donated to charity.
  14. Sponsor a local team. Offer your goods or services to teams that align with your business. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you could make your establishment the post-game hangout for team members.
  15. Send out a deal of the week email. Let customers know about weekly specials and promotions on products and services.
  16. Offer your space. Local charities are often looking for space to host a fundraising event. Reach out to them and allow them to set up at your establishment.
  17. Create your own Host an event celebrating a product or service your business offers. For instance, you could host a "Coffee Appreciation Day" by giving away free coffee to customers as they shop.
  18. Use social media to promote a shopping party. Invite all your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers to meet at your store for a special shopping event where they can take advantage of special promotions and door prizes.
  19. Hold an appealing sale. Advertise your store sale via window signs and social media posts. Holding a sale will entice your customers to shop –especially if the deal is so great they can't refuse.
  20. Offer cash incentives. Once fall arrives, customers are in the pre-holiday shopping mood. Give them an incentive to shop by offering cash rewards for spending a certain amount. For example, for every $100 they spend, they will earn $10 on their next shopping trip.

When fall arrives, people are thinking about the holidays and are ready to shop. People want to look their best with the holidays fast approaching. So, if you have a service business, such as a hair salon, your customers will flock to you to take advantage of your promotions and specials. If you sell products, use this time to offer shopping incentives that will keep your customers returning. They are more likely to shop if they feel they are getting a great deal and saving money. By offering promotions, you gain customers and save them money all at the same time. Take advantage of all that fall has to offer so that you can end the year successfully and have happy customers.

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